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Talsari - An Ideal Budget Weekend Destination

On the north-eastern coast of India, with the combination of green paddy fields, numerous rivers, blue hills and extensive beaches, it provides an ideal weekend destination.

Talsari Beach
The spectacular view of long palm trees all around this beach in Odisha has given Talsari its very own status. It is an ideal destination for a relaxed vacation that is frequently visited by national and international tourists. This deserted, long and unexploited sea beach extending for miles is an ultimate treat for the eyes. The word Tal also means rhythm, which is reflected in the sea waves lapping against the shore. The tranquil and serene environment of Talsari Beach makes it a chosen destination for nature lovers and tourists seeking for isolation. Tourists from the state of Orissa and Bengal frequently visit the Talsari Beach to get a break from the hectic lifestyle of the cities. 

Talsari Beach
Witnessing sunrise and sunset from the gleaming stretch of white sand is a rewarding experience. Talsari even fascinates its tourists with its backwaters, which one needs to cross to reach the sea.

The stream plays hide and seek with people. When the stream is brimming, one can only reach the main beach with the help of a boat. But at other times, one can walk across the dry riverbed. The place is fairly windy.

Places to Visit

Talsari is the beach where the Subarnarekha River meets the Bay of Bengal. This long and deserted sea beach stretching for miles is a treat to the eyes. The famous Chandaneshwar temple is just a few minutes from Talsari. There is also a Wholesale Fish Market in Talsari, from where you can buy fresh fish at bargain rates.

Chandaneshwar Temple
Chandaneshwar Temple is a spot worth seeing that is located in the Balasore district. This famous temple is located at a few minutes’ walk from the Talsari Beach. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is an important pilgrim destination that is crowded by devotees all year round.

Udaipur Beach
Udaipur Beach is also a virgin and unexplored beach of Orissa that is located at close proximity from the Talsari Beach. The beach side is dotted with tall casuarinas trees and there are few fishermen huts present there. Udaipur Beach with its tranquil environment makes a very romantic destination.

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary is a spectacular wildlife destination that is a must visit for animal and nature lovers. The sanctuary was created to preserve the flourishing bio-diversity of Orissa in the year 1975. The sanctuary is particularly popular for spotting giant saltwater crocodiles. The Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary has been proposed to find a place among the list of World Heritage Sites.

The New Digha Beach in the state of West Bengal is another favourite destination for tourists visiting the Talsari Beach. The beach is very clean is located at just 2kms from the old beach at Digha. The New Digha Beach looks beautiful and offers magnificent views of the sea.

Things to do in Talsari

Enjoy the unexploited ambiance of Talsari with all your senses. Explore the lifestyle of the fisherman dwelling in the area. Bargain for some fresh fish in the mornings and take it to the hotel’s cook. The expansive beach looks great during moonlight nights with the snaking River Subarnarekha crisscrossing the beach. You can also hire a boat and cross the knee-deep river to reach the other side of the beach, which is a huge sand island with Casuarinas groves.

How to reach Talsari

Road Map

Mumbai Road - Salap Crossing
You can reach Talsari by car taking the route to Digha from Kolkata. The direction from Kolkata to Talsari is as here.

You can also travel direct to Digha by train and rent a car or local trekkers to reach Talsari. Click here to see the list of trains between Howrah and Digha.

You can also travel by bus from Kolkata to Digha thereafter reach Talsari by a rented car or local trekkers. Bus services are provided by Calcutta Tramways Company, South Bengal State Transport Corporation, and others.

Where to Stay

  • Panthasala (Odisha Tourism Development Corporation), Talsari, PO Chandaneshwar, Telephone +91 6781 232 528. Click here to book online.
  • Hotel Sagar Saikat, Talsari, P.O. Chandaneshwar, Odisha. This Budget Hotel is nearest to the sea beach. Telephone: +91 8961837326, +91 9231544915. Click here to book enquiry.
  • Hotel Sita, Talsari, PO Chandaneshwar, Telephone +91 6781 232 530.
  • Hotel Shree Inn, Talsari, P.O. Chandaneshwar, Odisha. Telephone: +919614666666, +919933119000. Click here to book online.

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